My name is Cerys and I’m a BA (Hons) Commercial Photography graduate from Arts University Plymouth, where I achieved a First Class Honours degree. I am currently based in the West Midlands.
I have a passion for fashion photography and making clothes stand out for people, rather than just being an everyday item. I want to portray fashion as a statement for people: a way for them to express their identity through their clothing.
My defining style is all about experimenting with colour combinations and harmonies to make the things I’m shooting stand out, as well as exploring femininity through the female gaze. I work really hard to create my images and I love taking on challenges to do so.
I primarily work in the studio, but also love working with the daylight when I can. During my degree, I have learned many lighting styles and worked with different types of equipment, such as Elinchrom and Broncolor. This also includes having knowledge of using the Phase One camera. I have learned many post-production techniques while using Capture One and Photoshop.
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